• Vitamin E Complex
  • Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex

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Provides strong anti-inflammatory and immuno-stimulating properties to support overall health and wellbeing


Vitamin E - Enhances immune system function, plays a role in skin health, and as an antioxidant has a key role in limiting cell damage

Vitamin E enhances the immune system function and helps fight infections and diseases. It promotes heart health and protects the arteries, as well as having potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is also needed for the correct function of the ovaries and plays a role in skin health.

Together with the nutrient selenium, vitamin E works hand-in-hand to help promote natural prostate health.

Vitamin E's major role in the body is to act as an antioxidant and can be taken with other antioxidants such as vitamin C and A, as they support each other's antioxidant properties. Like most antioxidants, vitamin E is linked to a lower risk of certain age-related diseases which are caused by oxidative stress over a long period of time.

Antioxidants play a key role in limiting damage to your cells, caused by free radicals. However, while vitamin E works as an antioxidant, it needs to be regenerated after it 'heals' the free radical damage before it can function correctly again and continue to fight tissue damage. Vitamin E also protects vitamin A and increases its storage. Additionally, vitamin  E is heavily dependant on vitamin B3 and glutathione - vitamin E cannot have optimal effects unless the body is also rich in these other nutrients.

Vitamin E, along with vitamin C, plays a complementary role in skin health. Both nutrients protect the skin from sun damage - both work together to maintain healthy collagen that is so important to skin strength. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, while vitamin E maintains correct crosslinks between collagen fibres. Having both nutrients in the skin helps protect it.

Vitamin E is a group of eight fat-soluble compounds: alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocotrienol, and delta-tocotrienol. These compounds can be found in both natural and synthetic forms. However, natural vitamin E is described as d-alpha tocopherol, d-beta tocopherol, etc. Of the vitamin E compounds, alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active. In its natural form, it is better absorbed by the body and better metabolised by the liver. This Vitamin E Complex is of the natural form and the most biologically active.

One (1) softgel per day. Just before meals, preferably in the morning at breakfast.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding should consult their doctor before use.

Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Check with simultaneous intake of medicines with your physician or healthcare professional. No long-term use without professional advice.

Ingredients Per Softgel

Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, D-alpha-tocopheryl succinate) 30mg (250% RI)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule (Hypromellose), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Silicate, Magnesium Stearate.

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