• Unique E High Gamma Formula
  • Unique E High Gamma Formula

Unique E®High Gamma Vitamin E Complex

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Potent antioxidant to enhance skin and nail health, and support cardiovascular and brain health

Unique E® High Gamma Complex– Pure and Natural - contains the highest concentration of the complete vitamin E tocopherol complex to support optimal skin, heart and brain health


Benefits of Unique E®

  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports metabolic health
  • Promotes skin health
  • Supports hair health and growth
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Promotes healthy blood flow and protects the arteries
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
  • Potent anti-inflammatory properties
  • Powerful antioxidant

Unique E®, High Gamma, Mixed Tocopherols Concentrate provides the highest concentration of the complete vitamin E complex. The majority of vitamin E supplements contain only Alpha-tocopherol, one of the 8 forms of vitamin E.

This Unique E® High Gamma formula contains the complete vitamin E tocopherol complex - ensuring that you get the full set of benefits - High-Gamma, High-Alpha, with Beta and Delta isomers, and is totally void of fillers or additives that could turn rancid. This pure vitamin E concentrate is the natural form of vitamin E as obtained through diet and as used by the body.

Vitamin E is well known for its benefits in supporting cardiovascular health, metabolic health, skin and hair health, and for promoting healthy blood flow and protecting the arteries, as well as promoting healthy cholesterol levels. It enhances immune system function, and together with the nutrient selenium, works hand-in-hand to help promote natural prostate health. It has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and provides many other whole health goals.

Vitamin E can be taken with other antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A as they boost and support each other’s antioxidant functions. Antioxidants play a key role in limiting damage to your cells caused by free radicals.

Vitamin E works synergistically with vitamin C and is known as ‘Vitamin E recycling” (where the antioxidant function of oxidised vitamin E is continuously restored by other antioxidants). As an antioxidant, vitamin E needs to be recycled once it has done its work before it can function correctly again and continue to fight tissue damage. Glutathione and CoQ10 also help recycle tocopherol. Vitamin E protects vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in the body’s cells, helping to prevent breakdown of tissue. 

Vitamin E along with vitamin C play complementary roles in skin health. Both nutrients protect the skin from sun damage – both work together to help maintain healthy collagen that is so important to skin strength. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, while vitamin E maintains correct crosslinks between collagen fibres and helps protect against lipid peroxidation. Having both nutrients in the skin helps protect it.

As a dietary supplement, adults take one softgel daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Children, pregnant women, and women who are breastfeeding should consult their doctor before use.

Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Check with simultaneous intake of medicines with your physician or healthcare professional. No long-term use without professional advice.


Ferrous sulphate, a commonly used iron compound, damages vitamin E and, therefore, should not be taken at the same time. Other forms of iron, such as ferrous fumarate or ferrous gluconate, do not have the same negative effect.

As vitamin E is a blood thinner, if you are taking anticoagulants (blood thinners) you should check with your doctor to see which is the correct amount of vitamin E for you.

Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 400 IU, Proprietary Blend 432 mg d-gamma tocopherol, d-delta tocopherol and d-beta tocopherol.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, water.

Free from fillers, additives, colours, preservatives, wheat, gluten or soy oil.

Wright ME, Lawson KA, Weinstein SJ, et al. Higher baseline serum concentrations of vitamin E are associated with lower total and cause-specific mortality in the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2006 Nov;84(5):1200-7

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Thu 10th May 2018

Superb quality. I've been using this product for 5 months now and feel it's superior to others I've tried.

Mon 12th Feb 2018

Hadn't realised that I was low in Vitamin E so now taking these as part of my regime and starting to feel the benefit.

Thu 10th May 2018

Superb quality. I've been using this product for 5 months now and feel it's superior to others I've tried.

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