• Prostate Advanced Complete Blood Test
  • Prostate Advanced Complete Blood Test

Prostate Advanced Complete Blood Test

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A screening process for prostate cancer that measures only free (unbound) PSA, which is shown as a percentage of total PSA. This percentage is more accurate at indicating the level of cancer risk

Prostate Advanced Complete Blood Test - With Nurse 

  • Provides a more accurate method of testing for prostate cancer than conventional testing ― one that can save time and money, lower stress, and reduce the chance of complications and pain
  • Measures only free (unbound) PSA, which is shown as a total percentage

Men are commonly given a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test to check for prostate cancer. However, a PSA test measures both PSA which is bound to proteins and PSA that isn’t. As a result, it often yields false-positives.In other words, a standard PSA test fails to answer two important questions: Does high PSA mean prostate cancer? Or only a prostate that’s enlarged or inflamed?

In fact, around 75% of men with elevated PSA don’t have cancer - something many find out only after undergoing a biopsy, which can be painful and carries the risk of infection.

The Prostate Advanced Complete Prostate Profile measures only free (unbound) PSA, which is shown as a percentage of total PSA. This percentage dependably indicates the level of cancer risk. It increases the likelihood that cancer can be ruled out, thus reducing the need for unnecessary biopsies by around 20%.

Fasting Not Required

  • Your professional vacutainer kit contains everything you need for a professional blood draw. Includes instructions and return postal envelope
  • Convenient testing in the comfort of your own home/office
  • Accredited UK lab
  • Results analysed by a qualified UK doctor
  • Confidential results delivered by email - Turnaround time 1-2 days

This is a single test

  • Your professional vacutainer kit will arrive by post it will include instructions and a return envelope
  • The nursing team will contact you by text to arrange a convenient time for your appointment
  • You must not make your appointment with the nurse if your kit has not arrived. If they text please ask them to call back
  • If you make an appointment and for some reason, your kit does not arrive both you and myoptimalwellbeing will receive an additional charge
  • We advise making appointments between Monday and Wednesday, the latest day the lab can receive samples is a Thursday
  • Once your blood has been taken, you make sure all of your personal information is correct and place the vials in the envelope provided
  • The envelope must be returned to the lab on the day of the draw; we advise you to take the envelope to the post office and return by guaranteed delivery to ensure arrival at the lab the next day.
  • Your results will be sent to you by email

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