About Us

At Optimal Wellbeing, we are committed to delivering high-quality nutrients and food supplements through a service you can trust. We are strong advocates of positive ageing and helping you to nurture your body, and feed your mind through education and access to premium wellbeing products, from vitamins and minerals to herbs, omegas, and botanicals, all helping to turbocharge your health and your beauty. Read on to find more about what makes us who we are.

Who We Are:

Our CEO & Founder Jill D Davey is a functional wellness educator, for over a decade she has used her knowledge to help people get well, reach optimal health, keep it and live life to the full. Stress, fertility, menopause, andropause, diabetes, cognitive function, vision health, skin health, weight management and more are all on her health agenda.

With years of research behind her, the author of two books on functional wellness and optimal health, and working closely with the most renowned functional medicine doctors, nutritionists and nutritional supplement formulators from around the globe, has given her a head start.

Due to her in-depth research, Jill became aware of the benefits and principles of nutrient-rich supplements and complexes, which are key to good absorption and use in and by the body. By following these principles and using high- grade ingredients, cutting-edge technology, and the correct approach to functional formulations, Optimal Wellbeing’s mission is to offer you a pathway of good health, a functional body and mind, and a positive lifespan.

High quality

Optimal Wellbeing provides science-based, high-level products to support system-wide health, beauty, and wellbeing. We do this by working with a range of trusted suppliers from around the globe, who specialise in the scientific research and development of high-quality food supplements. Whether you’re looking to boost your immune system, improve fitness performance, look more radiant and/or be more energetic, you’ll find it at Optimal Wellbeing. You deserve the best, so we only offer the best and the most effective products available.

Our high-quality nutrients are tested to clinical standards, with full traceability of all our ingredients. They are devoid of artificial colours, free from allergens, dairy, yeast, artificial flavourings, and where possible, gluten.

Advanced ingredients

With clean label formulations, Optimal Wellbeing vitamins and supplements contain significant amounts of active ingredients that function to give you the best of health, vitality, and beauty. Using advanced technology, the products we source are among the highest quality available. Plus, we are proud to offer unique supplement combinations, designed to work together to boost results.

Trustworthy service

We want to make shopping online for vitamins and supplements as easy as possible, which is why we are committed to offering a service you can trust. We use a premier shipping partner to ensure quick and safe delivery, and you can pay securely by debit or credit card or simply use your PayPal account. We’re proud to be rated highly by our customers – check out our Optimal Wellbeing Feefo reviews to find out what other customers thought of their purchases.


Pay securely by Debit or Credit card or simply use your PayPal account.


We use a premier shipping partner to ensure quick and safe delivery.


We only source products that use premium quality ingredients.